Early reviews for "Stories of a Forest Ranger" are in!

While a ranger in uniform, Griffin is a storyteller at heart. That connecting with the audience is his priority shows in his vulnerability. He tells stories about times he was wrong or fails. His willingness to learn from his mistakes is disarming and charming. Stories of a Forest Ranger is an inspirational memoir about life in the US Forest Service.

Mari Carlson


Storytelling World Honors!

 Thirty Days at Bandelier

Pete's collection of stories has earned "Honors" from Storytelling World: "Informational nature stories inspired by explorations near Bandelier National Monument"

Eagle Rescue at Sea

An audio peek at Pete Griffin!

Tarantula (Thirty Days...) - Pete
Yarrow (Thirty Days...) - Pete
Abert's Squirrel (Thirty Days...) - Pete
Dynamic speaker, engaging storyteller, entertaining educator, and author
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