Alaska Broadcasters

Assn - Goldie Award

2014 and 2017

Storytelling Awards

Honors Recipient


Pete Wins Gold!

Diary of a Forest Ranger wins a "Goldie!" The Alaska Broadcasters Assn announced that Pete's solo performance won Best Entertainment Program (TV Division 2) for the broadcast of his live performance of Diary of a Forest Ranger! The audio of his live performance is available as a CD!

Just Released

 Thirty Days at Bandelier

On Thirty Days: "I thoroughly enjoyed your stories. There’s a wonderful balance of educational information and humor, all told in a style that makes you want to listen again and again."

David Halpern, writer/photographer (listen to clips below!)

Mack Lake Fire

An audio peek at Pete Griffin!

Tarantula (Thirty Days...) - Pete
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Yarrow (Thirty Days...) - Pete
00:00 / 00:00
Abert's Squirrel (Thirty Days...) - Pete
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Dynamic speaker, engaging storyteller, entertaining educator
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