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Pete joined the US Forest Service in 1973 as a wildlife biologist. As a District Ranger on the 

Tongass National Forest in Juneau, Alaska, in 1999, he started recording short natural history

vignettes for radio. The essays documented his exploration of the rainforest and incorporated

Pete's experiences growing up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (yes, he's a Yooper).


Following retirement in 2010, he now tells natural history stories aboard Disney and Princess

cruise ships in Southeast Alaska (33 cruises as of 2019).  On board he performs stage shows for

hundreds of passengers at a time, featuring stories, facts, and photos about common and

not-so-common Alaska wildlife. 

Pete offers storytelling workshops teaching his unique way of blending personal stories with science and natural history. 

He performs at libraries and is regularly shares his stories on the Red Jacket Jamboree, an old time radio show originating in Calumet, Michigan.

Pete's book, Stories of a Forest Ranger (Parkhurst Brothers Publishers) is now available from Parkhurst Brothers Publishers,, and Shop Now on this website! Following is an early review:

These gleanings from the life of a forest ranger give great insight not only to those who work in the field but to everyone who must navigate the pathways of work and compromise in service to a dream. Full of homespun wisdom and told with honesty, modesty and such a beautiful directness it is like an encounter with Pete himself, these anecdotal stories take us behind the scenes of a life lived close to the wild. His pieces have a glorious amble to them, leaving space for the listener to ruminate on the turns of their own lives and reminding us of the opportunity we have to discover a deeper meaning no matter what the difficulties.  Diane Edgecomb, author and professional storyteller

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Who Needs to Hire Pete?

Pete is an amazing presenter and keynote speaker. Using his experiences with nature, he educates and entertains.


"Using stories drawn from his experience as a wildlife biologist and District Ranger, Pete can help bring to life your vision, mission, and values for your team."


Entertaining, quick witted, and easy to listen to. Pete is a one man show.  Think National Geographic meets James Heriott meets Alaskan  Yooper.

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