Pete started his career with the US Forest Service in 1973 as a wildlife biologist.

When he was promoted to District Ranger on the Tongass National Forest in Juneau, Alaska

in 1999, he started recording short natural history vignettes for radio. Titled, Tongass Trails,

the essays documented his exploration of the temperate rainforest and eventually incorporated

Pete's  experiences growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (yes, he's a Yooper).


The series ran five years, drawing public praise in the Capital City.  Pete later narrated Shades

of Green, a Forest Service production of video stories about life and land of the Tongass as

told by the people who live and work there. See a segment of that serires on the home page!


Following his retirement from the Forest Service, he told natural history stories aboard the

Disney Wonder, a 2600-passenger cruise ship, along the Inside Passage of Southeast

Alaska in its inaugural season.  On board he performed stage shows for hundreds of

passengers at a time, featuring unique aspects of some common and not-so-common species of plants and

wildlife of Southeast Alaska, in addition to spending hours on deck with binoculars talking to passengers about glaciers, bears, whales, and the forests they were seeing.

Who Needs to Hire Pete?

Pete is an amazing presenter and keynote speaker. Using his experiences with nature, he educates and entertains.


"Using stories drawn from his experience as a wildlife biologist and District Ranger, Pete can help bring to life your vision, mission, and values for your team."


Entertaining, quick witted, and easy to listen to. Pete is a one man show.  Think National Geographic meets James Heriott meets Alaskan  Yooper.

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