Early reviews for "Stories of a Forest Ranger" are in!

"Like a braided stream that crosses and re-crosses a main channel, Pete Griffin's Stories of a Forest Ranger take his readers into the woods of a Michigan childhood filled with curiosity and wonder then carries them along as his  professional life and way of seeing and learning unfold.   Our guide has the keen eye of a naturalist, the discerning objectivity of a scientist, and the voice of an accomplished storyteller and raconteur. Always ready to reinterpret lessons learned and apply to both his personal and professional life, Pete’s stories are salted with dry humor, and seasoned with a whole lot of heart."  

Bob Kanegis

Storytelling World Honors!

 Thirty Days at Bandelier

Pete's collection of stories has earned "Honors" from Storytelling World: "Informational nature stories inspired by explorations near Bandelier National Monument"

Eagle Rescue at Sea

An audio peek at Pete Griffin!

Tarantula (Thirty Days...) - Pete
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Yarrow (Thirty Days...) - Pete
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Abert's Squirrel (Thirty Days...) - Pete
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Dynamic speaker, engaging storyteller, entertaining educator, and author
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